Oct 8th, 2014

Couldn’t agree more

Aug 31st, 2014
Mar 22nd, 2014
Feb 16th, 2014
Dec 22nd, 2013

This isn’t what Christmas should be like. All the fighting, crazy shopping, and pressure we put on ourselves is so unnecessary. Right now I’m watching my family fall apart miles away and we can’t even be together. Christmas used to be about getting together with the people that you love, sharing thoughtful gifts, smiling, laughing, and enjoying yourself not because of what you got but because of the people you shared the moments with. Now if this is adult life then I don’t want any part in it. But I honest to god feel alone like I’m being punished and not allowed to enjoy the company I want. The feeling of leaving in two weeks is turning bitter, being forgotten, and dismissed. Thinking back to last Christmas and its simplicity makes me wish I could do it all over again. Maybe London is the escape I desperately need right now.

Dec 9th, 2013
Dec 8th, 2013


Such a good dog. “Ok little human I’ll wait here while you go play in the puddle.”

he places the leash down on the ground so carefully
Dec 8th, 2013
Dec 8th, 2013

Something about you gives me a less loving feeling, and a more aggravated one

Dec 7th, 2013
Nov 28th, 2013
Nov 17th, 2013
Nov 15th, 2013

And to think I shaved for this :(

Nov 10th, 2013

I fucking hate this town

Nov 10th, 2013